YAY! I'm on Blogher!

Yesterday, I went on a new adventure...I added a blog post to a large blog networking site called Blogher. I thought there was no way in the world my post would be approved, because I'm a beginner blogger. Not to mention that I'm a weirdo who slow cooks all the time and daydreams about warm winter days without socks (man, do I hate socks).

But it WAS! Now I am available in the internet world, besides on my new blog.


Be sure and check me out! YAY!


This is amusing to me like no one could believe. I really enjoy writing my thoughts and my recipes here, on my own little piece of the internet. But, to see myself writing and contributing on another website just makes my heart sing for some reason.

Are you a blogger? Where do you like to submit your site and posts for traffic? Please share!

Lots of love!


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