My favorite pizza crust - bread machine recipe

There is one thing I love nearly as much as my slow cooker, and that is my bread machine.

I LOVE making breads, rolls, biscuits, and even tortillas from scratch. It's so satisfying to smell bread baking in your home, and the smell lasts for days...the feelings, for a lifetime.

I got my love of breads of all sorts from my dear grandma. My grandmother made buns a LOT. Every time there was a school holiday, she would make buns with my brother and I. We would get up early and run to grandma's house. She would have the yeast ready, and we would help add the flour and knead it. Eventually, we helped shape the buns too...and then took all the credit for my grandmother's hard work.

Every big holiday, alongside a turkey or ham, would be the buns, which everyone loved and adored.  
(I will definitely share that recipe later, as it has no eggs or oil in it, and makes the FLUFFIEST buns of your life...the key is, can you make them work? More on that later....)

Bread machines are such a smart idea. You don't just use it to make a loaf of can use it as a starter for all types of dough. Pizza dough is one of them.

I've tried MANY recipes for bread machine pizza dough, and every single time, I end up back to a recipe I found on Allrecipes.  I've linked to it here, to ensure the author gets the proper credit. Man, he flipping deserves it.

Ricardo, I tip my hat to you my friend. You rock the pizza crust world. 
Check it out on allrecipes. You won't be disappointed.


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