Waffles - NOT crockpot

Waffles and strawberries...breakfast of squishy mums

Today is Valentine's Day.

My little boy brought home a heart with his hand prints on it a few days ago, and it still gives me a squishy mom feeling whenever I see it.

With that love in my heart, I searched for a recipe for making waffles for my boys. I've used several different recipes over the years, and none of them have been what I really wanted...I'm looking for a CRISP outside and SOFT inside.

I've silently scanned my brain for reasons my waffles may not be crispy on the outside.
Do I use oil or butter? Check
Do I use enough baking powder? Check
Am I now out of ideas? Check.

Today, I read a recipe online that used cornstarch...and I crinkled my nose a bit. What the heck would you use that in a recipe for? As you may have foreshadowed, I couldn't contain my curiosity and ended up using it...and the waffles were freaking amazing!

The waffles were what I'd always wanted! Nice and crispy, light and airy, and very tasty! YAY!

From now on, there's no other recipe for me.

Here's the link!:


By the way, this website definitely confirms I need more pictures in my blog, ha! 



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