Bye bye, Target Canada

Dear Target,

When we met a few years ago, we had that spark...that joy and happiness that all new friends experience. We were so looking forward to meeting after all the hype we heard about one another. 

Experience 1 - The first date didn't go quite right. First, I came and walked into your beautiful doors and low and was so very quiet. I went to the second floor, where the children's items were and the shelves were extremely bare. Ok, well...that seemed a bit odd, considering you were going through your grand opening. Whatever though, we Canadians are pretty forgiving. 

The item I was searching for wasn't there, so I left and went to Walmart, vowing to give you another chance later on.

Experience 2 - This time, I brought my kids along. I was already short tempered because of a screaming, running toddler (mine), so I wanted to get in and get out as soon as possible.

I walked through the door and went straight up to the food section. Normally I would go somewhere else, but hey, I was already at the mall where you are located, so why not? 

This time, the shelves were still empty. Curious had been a few months already since you had opened. Besides the shelving issues, the prices were outrageous. I could get the same brands at Superstore for dollars less per item. Again, I left empty handed, thinking the third time would be a charm.

Experience 3 - I went alone, and took a good look around. Still not impressed. I bought an item that I couldn't find anywhere else, but could have gotten for $10 cheaper on Amazon if I had the time to wait. After that, I decided we weren't going on any additional dates. Apparently, most people decided the same thing.

Now, you're going to be leaving Canada. That's probably a good idea.

In the USA, I love Target. The stores are fantastic! My family used to do the US shopping trip every summer, and Target was the first place we went to, every single time.

In Canada, Target couldn't live up to our expectations because we knew what we SHOULD have been experiencing. It's like every year, you go to your grandma's house in the summer and she makes chocolate chip cookies upon your arrival.

This year, she came to your house instead...

and brought liver and onions along. 

Get the picture?

Farewell, Target.

Sorry we couldn't work it out.


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