5 things to do with that darn chicken!

BBQ shredded chicken...dinner of lazy champions!

Everyone seems to have the same question...what the heck to do with chicken? 

We all seem to eat so much of it, but no one knows what they want to make with it. We all sort of do the 'last resort' meals that we know, but don't necessarily love.

There are actually several things that my family LOVES to eat, and I'll list five of them right here:

1. Slow cooker filling for tacos or burritos - Toss a cup of salsa, a few chicken breasts and a package of taco seasoning in the slow cooker. Let it cook all day, then shred up the chicken and add it to tacos or burritos. Yummy!

2. Slow cooker chicken stew - http://www.crockyoursocksoff.blogspot.ca/2015/02/chicken-stew-crockpot-recipe.html

3. Chicken strips - People always seem to buy pre-made chicken strips, but they are just as tasty to make on your own using a few easy ingredients! Cut up some raw chicken breasts and set aside. In a ziploc bag, add 1/2 cup of panko crumbs (so crunchy!!!), 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of pepper, and some of your own inventive spices. My favorites - oregano and basil!

Dip the chicken in a beaten egg and at pieces of chicken to the ziploc bag, ONE AT A TIME. (For some reason, I used to add a bunch of pieces at once and every time, they wouldn't turn out).

Fry in a small amount of oil and enjoy!

4. Chicken fajitas - Slice up your raw chicken breasts and spice. When the chicken is nearly done, add in some sliced onions, sliced peppers and mushrooms and allow to cook an additional 3-5 minutes. Serve on rice or in tortillas with salsa and cheese! Yum!  Don't have any seasoning? Here's one to try! Making your own is fantastic!!! http://www.fithealthy365.com/chicken-fajitas-recipe/

Just a note: You can also make fajitas in the slow cooker. One thing to note: Cook the chicken in the slow cooker first. It will be shredded texture! 1/2 hour before serving, toss in the onions and peppers. This way, the veggies won't be soggy!

5. Slow cooker BBQ chicken - Feel like you couldn't cook if your life depended on it? Never fear! Chuck the chicken of any kind in the crockpot and add a bottle of BBQ sauce or any type of sauce you like. DONE! Well, once you cook it anyway!

Enjoy these!


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