Saving money on groceries

Saving money on Groceries by surfing the net on the couch in your pj's

I am a self proclaimed cheapskate. I am not someone who wants to spend 5 bucks more on a block of cheese, and I'm also not the type of person who wants to grocery shop at 10 stores.

In the past while, I've learned some easy ways to save money without jumping from store to store. Here's what I do to save money on groceries!

1. Before grocery shopping, look at flyers - Sounds lame, but I LOVE the Flipp app for iPhone! Download it for free, and you'll see why. It shows all the flyers for all the grocery stores (and other stores) in your area. I then go through, see what's on sale and decide what groceries to buy for the week.

2. Another way to save money with the Flipp app - PRICE MATCH! Superstore, Walmart and No Frills all price match up here in Canada. I make a list of all the food I want and take a look at the flyers. If I see cheese is cheaper at Walmart but I'm only going to Superstore this week, I flash my phone at the cashier and they knock the price down to Walmart's. This prevents you from having to shop at multiple locations.

3. Buy your meat at Costco - I've checked, and most of the time, Costco's meat prices are a few dollars cheaper per kg than Superstore.

4. See if there's a No Frills in your area - I recently discovered No Frills, and I'm in love. It's a smaller version of Superstore that doesn't have an in-house bakery or meat department. Everything is transferred in from other stores. There's only food, no clothes and such...but it can be a LOT cheaper than most places. Save On doesn't have a prayer in a fight against No Frills!

5. Once you've bought your groceries, use your phone to get some cash back! - Checkout51 is a free iPhone app. They advertise cash back on items every week. Purchase any of those items and submit your receipt by using your iPhone camera. They note it in their account for you, and when you hit $20, they will send you a check. Woot!

There you have it! Save some cash on groceries! Why pay more when you don't have to?

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