Black beans in the crockpot

Beans are something that people tend to avoid for various gastric reasons. However, the fiber is SO good for you! Not to mention that beans are tasty, tasty, tasty! You can add them to all sorts of things!

Salads, stews, soups, etc...a few of my favorites anyway! When I have leftover beans, I like to add them to quesidillas with some leftover chicken and some shredded cheese and call it a win.

Besides that beans are good for you, they are also incredibly cheap. Up here in Canada, I go to bulk barn and get enough chick peas, black beans, navy beans and whatever else I fancy for next to nothing. Lately the price of meat is just plain OUTRAGEOUS. So, yesterday I decided something...I'm going to make beans and/or fish at least 3 times per week for a month and see how that goes.

If you buy beans in a can, you are setting yourself up for a tummy ache. If you didn't know, they put dried beans in a can with water and then cook them inside the can. This leaves all the gas producing stuff in the can, just fermenting away. Bleck. Besides this, canned beans are way more expensive than dried ones. However, you have to be someone who actually plans meals in order to use them. I am just such a person.

Don't get me wrong, I do keep a can of black beans on hand to whip into something in a hurry. However, more times than not, I soak dried beans.


Tricky one, so pay attention.

Step 1: Rinse dried beans to remove any grit from them.
Step 2: Put in a large bowl.
Step 3: Fill the bowl with water, completely covering the beans and ensuring there is about 3 inches of water above them. Leave them soak overnight, at least 8-10 hours at room temperature.
Step 4: Wash those puppies off! Rinse and rinse and rinse.
Step 5: Cook.


My version here is using the crockpot. You can also cook black beans on the stove top. After the presoak, cover them with water, add 2 tablespoons of salt and let cook for 2.5 hours on medium heat. They are done when you blow on them and the skin peels.

Slow cooker black beans

Add presoaked beans to the crockpot. Cover with water. Add 2 tablespoons of salt and cook all day on low.

Use them in anything you like! Enjoy!


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